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Related post: Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 10:47:51 EDT From: Subject: Quarry Hole. Chapter 12. Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: I would love to bbs childs pornos hear if you like my story.Quarry Hole. Chapter 12. Mark looked down and seeing Scott rubbing his pants, laughing, he said, "No shit, dude....yuh still can't," pointing at his buddy, who pulled his hand away. A silence hung over them for a long moment....then suddenly, they both were looking down when they blurted out simultaneously, "Wanna help each other out, dude?" They both smiled wide, and Mark clasped his bud's hand....holding tight for a long moment. pre bbs photo In the dark of the evening, it was easier for such guilty boysex talk when they really couldn't see each other's face that well. In seconds, Mark was zipping down, Scott too, soon after. They looked hard and long all around them...then listened for anyone who might be approaching. Satisfied that they were alone, they looked toward each other's face....touched hands, and then Mark pulled Scott's hand to his prick. He jumped when the strange hand squeezed his dick in his boxers. He at first ls nude bbs resisted when Scott's other hand, after guiding Mark's to his open fly, he felt Scott's hard boytool standing out of his fly already. Scott swooned there for a long glorious moment, then his free hand cupped Mark's neck and brushed his cheek against his pal of so many years....pulling....presssing down....his lips to his buddy's x teen bbs ear, he begged, "Please this for me....please lola pics bbs do it for me." Mark's lip touched cockhead, and he pulled back and away, but Scott increased the massaging pressure to the back of his friend's neck.....down....and lips....on....the precum drooze wet the boy's lips. They opened, the snaked through.... over buddy tongue. Scott shivered with xxx russain bbs both the first lip touch....then the tingling slide of the top of that velvety steel hard cockhead across the boy's ribbed palate. "Oohhh-h-h-h-h," he warbled, trembled, bucked up as his sphincter tightened down on his hole, and his boyprick recoiled inside Mark's mouth, "Ohhhhhgoddddddd....oh Marrrrkkk...ahm shootin'.. shootin'.....shootin' mannnnnnnnnn!!!!" Scott petite teens bbs tgp kept bucking bbs links japanese up, body quaking in the grass....the super cum surge was more than Mark could handle....but he shivered two and three more times when his 13 yo bbs buddy's tongued pressed bbs image gallery girl the oozing cock up against the roof of his mouth. He was actually aware enough 16yo nipples bbs to know what he felt inside nudist bbs young collection Mark's didn't feel sloggy-soggy anymore....but was more sticky-like....and dry....Mark's lips were still making like a guppy's mouth over the kid's still rock hard root. Scott, squeezed his massaging hand on the back of Mark's neck.....then leaned in and down, and whispered into Mark's ear...."Did you swallow me, dude...did you.....ohh man.....didju eat my stuff???" shivering elwebbs bbs list again as his cock tingled....hard....pulsed....Quarry Hole. Chapter 12."Ccccuhhh! Mmnghckk!" was all the sound that came from Mark's sticky lips still hanging on his buddy's rock hard dribbling rod.Scott was on fire! In spite of the doin's he'd been into this last week, what with strange ass and tongue serving his prick every day....a lot is never enough is it....? for a raging horny boy dick.The sudden cum as soon as he felt Mark's mouth consume his meat, left Scott's cock still needing, his nerve endings sparking. The aftercum pulsing of his prick in Mark's mouth morphed to raging need....again.Mark began to ease off Scott's dick now, but Scott held him fast, and even tightened his grip on the back of Mark's neck...pulling him harder into the open fly. He felt the heat of the boy's face against his groin. The bbs pedo porn pics wetness of his lips damped Scott's boxers."Mmmphh! Urphnnn..Mu-wahkk! teen bbs list cgi!" Mark was trying to speak around and through the newly driving buddy meat."Oh goddddddddddd! Oh yehhh! Mark! Do it itttt!!!" Mark wailed as his other hand joined the first around the back of Mark's neck and pulled him deeper over his swelling 6 inch poking pud. Crazed pedo banned bbs lists as he was....Scott knew exactly what he wanted right now....and that was tongue, swabbing and rasping roughly over his tingly dick head till he could feel the flare of rocket clusters building from his max info adult bbs loins up through his body and finally firing volley after fucking volley into his brain.He shivered...trembled....bucked....ohhhhhhh he was soooooooo gonnnnnnnnne!In a final buck-fucking thrust, he held Mark's face wholly in both hands and pummeled his buddy's face so fast and hard the 'fwupp-fwupp-fwupp' of the kid's face smacking into Scott's open fly and underwear, sounded like a machine gun muffled by pillows.His last three rut-banging-thrusts bent Mark slightly backward, and the shivers through Scott in full shooting teen creamoff weakened him badly, and he was falling forward. His cock was going off in hard steady cum-pulses inside Mark's mouth over his tongue.And Mark....ohhhhh Mark. He held his hands gripped tight onto Scott's thighs, then his arms wrapping full around them as he held his long time friend up, and his tongue, and lips, ohhh mannnnn, his tongue and lips fevered over the oversensitive boy meat still drooozing boy jazz over his tongue. He swallowed again and again....and again....taking buddy load into him for the second time in the short ten minutes since Scott first begged, "Please this for me....please do it for me."With Mark's russia kiddy kds bbs help, and Scott's renewed control, Scott was able to slip to his knees, and out of Mark's mouth.They sat facing each other for long moments in the dark. The distant light showed just the glint of their eyes as they both tried to make out their faces. Mark's hands reached to Scott's on nonude models bbs the other boy's thighs. nude girls bbs He said, "Scott....would you....ummm....would you....?" stammering and tugging Scott's hand toward his pants.Scott jerked back his hand. "No man. No. Look, boys board bbs young Mark...dude...I don't go that route man. Just don't. Can't." Then with a calming touch to Mark's shoulder, he said, "Look, man...we great buddies. We bowff has needings. I know what'll make you funned....all the time' it's right here." In a smoothe move, he had Mark's hand on his cock again. was fuckin' hard as steel again!He leaned forward and they felt the heat of each other's cheeks as Scott eased kdz bbs pedo down over Mark, who was shaken by Scott's denial, but yet wanting something of the attention Scott was still giving him as his friend, and still again nervous at the move Scott was making on him right then....yet...whatever it was...he seemed....he wanted it.With a hand to the back of Mark's neck supporting him as he lay the boy down to his back. Scott ran his hands lightly from Mark's neck down his shirt to his pants. Moving more quickly, he opened the button and with the kid's fly open already, he bbs kids lola real pulled shorts and free illigal bbs pics boxers to Mark's knees, and then flipped Mark over on his belly and lay over him. When his face touched Mark's he felt, was it sweat? Mark was sobbing. It was tears. "Don't cry buddy. There's nothing to cry about. It'll be good for you...for us, me?" From underneath Scott's hunching form he felt Mark nod his head 'Yes' and say something that sounded like it, too, through sucking breaths....Scott's middle and forefinger slipped over Marks lips and soon they slicked Mark's tail crease. Once again up to Mark's mouth for more spittle goop....and once again slicking then back into Mark's crack....fevering in there now....and then, first one, teenmodel bbs list then the other right beside it, slid home inside the boy's itching pucker hole. "Uccch, ohhhhhhhhmmmmm, nooooooooommmmmm, urrrrhhhnngh!!" came a guttural groan from bbs ru boy deep in his core, when Scott's buddy porker mushed up against his buddy's hole, and then with the help of his exiting fingers, sank though the kid's butt ring, and suddenly.......filled his best friend's hole with buddy prick. "Ahhhccchhhh! Uhhhcch! Ohhhhmmmmmmm!" yelped Mark, till he soon felt the six inch invader bottom in his searing moist hole.Scott licked up the back of bbs dirty Mark's neck. Mark shivered. He felt so let down ... and felt so good at the same time. He felt a new need being filled now....with his buddy... his best friend inside him...if he was capable of defining what he felt just Scott pulled up and then seeped back down into preten bbs porn him again....and as he sucked onto Mark's ear.....what Mark felt was....complete. Yes! What he never needed before.... completed this boy now.Having cum twice so fast just moments ago, Scott was going to have him a long smooth ride in his friend now. ukraine model bbs He licked here, kissed little naked bbs there, and even chewed on parts of Mark's face and neck...even through his he rutted into his buddy harder model bbs ukraine and harder and more relentlessly with each driving thrust. He fucked the boy liked never fucked anything...even his hand....before. He pounded....eased.... little models bbs tgp pummeled....soothed...then as he reached flashpoint, he literally banged the shit out of Mark there in the grass alongside the third base line. He was now butt reaming Mark in fierce butt snapping thrusts, while pulling up on Marks' shoulders and slamming him down each time as he fired his pearly joy jellyjam up his buddy.The chill of the night air cooled and shivered up Scott's sweaty body. The cooling sweat inside his shirt made young nudists models bbs him uncomfortable, but he lay fully down onto Mark now and his pulsing pud ebbed its shootoff still buried deep inside his friend.They lay together, pasted in their own sweaty shirts as they recovered from their top 50 kds bbs first mutual sharing of boy lust. It had been 45 minutes since they kneeled together on the infield of the softball diamond. The understanding they came to have with each other in those few short moments were more on the order of having traveled 'round the world twice little bbs porn over.Mark could feel blades of grass tickling his nose and he was chewing at them as well. He nuzzled his face into the grass. His body heat made it warm to his feel. He thought a thousand thoughts of tgp rompl bbs pedo what had just been and what was to be....with Scott's dick still pumping a heartbeat against the sensitive walls of his silky fuck chute.Nuzzling Mark's face as he fun-rutted one more time into Mark, Scott said quietly, "After Quarry each day....we cin be together at each other's house.....and....."Mark nodded.Scott felt a warm satisfied glow come over him which he gloried in for a few more seconds and then rolled off Mark and lay on his back next to him in the grass. That's when Mark sealed the deal....he scooched himself around till bbs spider teen he could take his buddy's butt-slimed cummy dick in his erotic video angels bbs mouth....he cleaned his buddy off! ls dreams bbs portal Scott's eyes closed....a smile of contentment on his face. Mark sealed the deal! Back at Kurt's lola forums links bbs house, his big brother John had come home after dropping his new fucktool Graig off at home, and found his buds, Richie and Derek waiting for him. They went inside and John was leching up his latest debasement for Kurt, caged down in the basement. The other dudes hit the fridge for beer and John phoned the pizza joint. bbs forum ls They had enough pizza over the years that he knew what they all liked, and the shop pegged delivery at 25 minutes.He joined the others in the living room and they belched and burped their way though their first beer. Work boots and sneaks off, they kicked back in sock feet and hashed out what they wanted to do while Richie flicked the remote through the lola bbs ls 101 channels. Derek said Kurt oughta get the 'fuck channel' on his cable service. John countered, "'Rents nice lola pix bbs man...they'd never go for sandrateenmodel bbs it....well my mom wouldn't anyways. Dad would...he's one horny fucker....but my mom's got'im know?"They both nodded, knowing all about pussy-whipped dads.Crushing his empty can, Kurt got up and popped it in the trash before heading downstairs for his 'serving lol bbs zeps guide boy.'Kurt shivered anxiously when he heard the door open and the light come on. In his sock feet, John's descent was quiet and he was upon Kurt's 'cage' before he knew it. Taking a bat he wielded it over and over against the rattling metal cage. It was so thunderous that Kurt had to cover his ears from the noise. Dropping the bat, he ls news bbs unlocked the cage and grabbed Kurt's dog collar, yanking the boy out of the door on his knees. The collar and Kurt's butt plug was his sole attire...not counting the oatmeal free pre bbs caked on his face from having been shoved into his food bowl earlier.Some of the dried gunk flew off as he took a backhand to his face. John lashed the leash to the collar. Following at the crawl, Kurt went up the stairs behind John. They moved on into the brightly lighted living room.Kurt's eyes closed, and maybe there was a hucking sob cartoon teen bbs when he saw Rich and Derek there too. He'd already been taken down by Graig and John he had a trio of horny fuckers to 'perform' for. bbs child sex pics His sphincter tried to close on the butt plug at the thought of what was to come the rest of this night.Derek snapped his finger, and raised a hand to take the leash from John. Kurt knew bbs porn games whenever the leash was passed he was to get right to the new person immediately and be up on his knees to serve."Suck, boy!" Derek ordered. Kurt opened Derek's image bbs xxx jeans, unzipped him, and reached for the fly of his with yellow polka get Derek's meat out. 'Smack!' Kurt took a shot to the max adult bbs livedoor head. Scoot'cher tongue in there boy, and suck it out my pants, hear?""Shaking his head from the stunning shot he took, Kurt said, "Yes, sir!" and bent into the funky shorts and worked his tongue and lips into the fly....nudging down.... so he could get his mouth around the head and pull the guy's prick out. The others watched and smiled when Derek's eyes closed and his head shot back.....his prick was in Kurt's hot, moist cavern of sucking boy joy.Rich went for 3 more beers, as John sat down to enjoy the show. Just then the doorbell rang, and Rich handed out the beers and rushed for the door. "Pizza boy! It's $8.95," the kid at the door chirped."Hey, kid. C'mon nn links bbs in..." he said, walking the kid toward the living room still carrying the pizza. Rich got a few bucks from John and Derek, and along with his coupla dollars, he gave the kid $9. No tip.The kid was disappointed but, however, he saw something though his sight was blocked by Rich and some furniture in the room. But nothing concealed the sight of two bare legs and upturned feet sticking out on the Super teen bbs floor, and he was trying to see around the obstructions, when he caught Rich's eyes smiling at him...."Oh, you wanna see whut's goin' on?"The kid impishly nodded energetically, and while taking the pizza box from the kid, he took young sex tgp bbs him by the arm and guided him into full view of Derek, now hunching his lower quarters back and forth pedo sex bbs in front of Kurt's face. There was no missing the sight of the hefty prick ls paradise bbs joining Derek to Kurt's mouth, or that Kurt was totally naked gripping Derek's legs pulling the bigger dude to him, while his face was pumped.The pizza boy bbs top girl site flushed crimson....John watched the kid's hand sneak childsex top50 bbs over his fly....and rub there. John knew the kid was upset that there was russian tgp bbs no tip...."Whatta think of yur tip, dude?"The kid snapped a scowl at John, who smiled, winked, and nodded toward Kurt there on the floor. The kid flushed again....his eyes small models bbs wide and flashing.....pointing to himself in disbelief and then to Kurt, looking back at John disbelieving.John nodded. Rich put a hand to the pizza kid's shoulder, and said, "He's yours...he'll do whatever you want."Then in another bbs model ls flush of blood to the face and now a look of scaries....he said, " uh nev...."John crossed his feet and stretched out, and said, "Nuthin' to it boy....all's it takes is a mouth or pussy, and a cock to fill it. I presume you gots the filler, hmmm?"At first confused, his head spinning, then he said, "Uh-uh-oh...yeh..yeh sure," he tokyo slut bbs cp stammered, rubbing again at his fly.The kid looked to be a high schooler and John had him come over to him: nice build...say about nude pretten bbs 5' 7" 145 lbs, green eyes, light brown, short, Caesar cut hair, yo model bbs slicked neat, Docker cargoes, Reeboks, no socks, blue and gold rugby shirt. John's outreaching hands settled on the kid's hips. He runned them up and down his sides to his pits and back down, quickly spinning him 'round facing into the bbs pictures ranchi room whereupon he ordered, "Hey you, cocksuck....getcher cunt mouth on'iss dude here, and be snappy."Derek released Kurt, who all-foured it over to the pizza boy, where he reached up to the kid's pants button causing child lovers bbs the kid to flinch and back up into John's knee.John whispered up to the boy while he rubbed his back down to his butt, "'S'okay, boy...say whut's yer name anyways?""'s uh...Brice..." the boy said." you be calmed down Brice...this is gonna be yur greatest night boy...I promise...yur greatest ever night," John image bbs sex comforted, while he helped unbutton bbs pantys the pants and pulled at the zip tag, while pushing the pants and royal blue boxer briefs down his legs.Kurt got right to it as he had long been trained. With hands clasped behind his own back, he lowered his face under the boy's cockhead and sucked it in. Young Brice dizzied and almost passed out. His face went pale...his heart pounding like he'd just run the his throat, too. John kept rubbing the boy all over, simultaneously getting the 'feel' of this new cherub.He felt Brice shaking violently and knew it was both his wild excitement, and no doubt that Brice was firing off one hot load through Kurt's lips....hunching forward, his butt cheeks squeezing against John's knee...."Ohhhhhhhh!" moaned Brice, and "Nnnnngghhh!"....he was getting him off one violent cummin'.Brice fell flopped forward, then back into John's shoulder. John looked video angels bbs down the boy's chest and saw Kurt lick-sluppin' the dregs of boyfuck off the dude's meat. John whistled at the sight of the free photos bbs models young guy's semi-hard peter as it was released from Kurt's mouth. "Get a loada thet, men...dude's got him some whacker on him. Thet's gotta be over 6 inches, Brice.....""Y-ye-yeh, it's almost 6 and three-quarters," Brice answered.They all laughed embarrassing him. "So you been hauling it out fer the ol' ruler, eh? Don't be shamed boy...we all do it, don't we guys....?" John looked to the others. "A'course now, we have our little fucktool on the floor there...and he does the measure duty fer us now."Brice had forgotten his suckboy benefactor with all the talk after his big blow, and now looked down at Kurt...their eyes met. The bright-eyed wild-feeling Brice...and sad eyed Kurt.John held up his beer for Brice to take a slug from....and bbs angels ukrainian he did....his Adam's apple bobbin' first two then three times.Rich was now getting Kurt nude child bbs board over on his back, after which Brice watched him pull the butt plug from Kurt's toolbox, baring Kurt's wide open fuckhole. Brice's mouth flopped open in wide eyed surprise at the sight of such a wide open shitter.John talked softly, breathing hotly into the girl child model bbs boy's ear...."It's all yurs, boy....lessee you ream yur fust pussy....git down and fill you some boycunt.It took a little coaxing, with Derek and Rich getting on either side of Brice as they japanese movie bbs eased him boy sex bbs down to his knees and up between Kurt's flopped-over legs. Derek held Kurt's ankles back over the kid's head, while Rich guided Brice's full-blown 6 3/4 inches through the winking pucker as the hole closed tighter with each flutter.Brice became hysterical and rut-fucked 10 times fast and hard before he knew what he'd done. "Ayyyyyyowwwwwww!!! This is sooooooo fuckin' good...I can't's so fuckin'...ohmigod...I love it I love it I LOVVVVVVVE IT!!!!"Brice was fuckin' like a trouper in no time. He banged the shit out of Kurt's hot ass, non-stop for 5 minutes.....then he screamed like a fuckin' banshee and flopped hard onto Kurt as he shot hard into him. kds fucking bbs The older guys standing around mid teen bbs were bbs nude art clapping the beat and chanting "Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him!"In a few moments, just as John was moving in to give him a hand up, Brice broke into kinky teens bbs a renewed fuck scene. The sloppy cum-slick made such erotic music to all their pics child bbs ears not to mention the smell of boy fuck. Derek and Rich had helped Brice out of his shirt, shorts, sneaks and boxers mid-Kurt fuck earlier, and were now all getting themselves naked and comfy.Rich squatted over Kurt's face and bleary-eyed butt-fuck-crazed Brice barely saw Rich's prick sink into Kurt's mouth while he still fucked the kid.As he rutted into Kurt's boy was so hot and smoothe and silky....little russian bbs boards boys virgin boy getting his first pussy....albeit, a boypussy....but the way he felt....fuckin' was fuckin'....and this was sommmmmmmmmme fuckin' he was havin'.His head was bbs vombats bobbin' on his neck like a bobble head doll's. He was so into his third get off inside a hot sucking body, be it mouth or bunghole he was near delirious in joy....his eyes were fluttering open and closed, and smiling and scrunching up his pretty boyface features....A figure moved up to him straddling Kurt's shoulders, gently reaching behind Brice's bobbing porn bbs lola head and neck, pulling the boy's head forward. With Brice's tongue alternately flicking out and sucking into little angels bbs kds bbs girls boards porno his mostly open mouth it was easy for John to slide his boy pleaser onto Brice's lollitas bbs tongue. The kid was sucking dick before he had a message from his brain that he was doing it.....a feary scare fired through him and he shuddered....but John's hands were soft and calming, kneading the back of his neck and he was saying, "'s good's gooood!"And oh boy...did he ever know the exciting tickle-tingle shooting through his whole body from the fiery fuck he was throwing into Kurt, and that is was also sooooooo goooooooood. Nothing seemed to matter now. He started to face ride John's prick like he'd done it all his life while his bone kept recharging inside that boycunt. He repositioned to get up on his toes, pushing Kurt higher bbs forum preeteens so he could drive down into him...and harder.The tingly thrills coursing nude child sites bbs through his young body were so exhilarating, he might have been able to do most anything the three older kids asked. He'd already had the thrill of a public, naked cum...a blowjob...his first blowjob....and a first ever fuck. Now he was again deep in a hot fucking boyass bbs early teen tour not 15 minutes later.John patted the top of Brice's head as he pulled out bbs little models of his mouth before shooting, and reached for a slice of pizza to feed a bite to Brice, before settling in on the floor directly behind Brice's hump-fucking tail.As Brice swallowed the last of the piece of pizza, Rich stepped up and held his chin up to a swig of beer. Brice smiled up at japan angel bbs Richie and kept on keepin' on pummeling Kurt's boybox, when Rich's peter touched his lips. Looking back up with more blank stare than question, Brice's lips opened and he serviced yet another cock. He was pumpin' so good...pumpin' so hard....lovin' it all so much....he sucked on Rich's dick harder.Spit bubbled around his mouth and prefuck jizz thickened it before it overflowed and drooled in long strings from the corners of his mouth. From behind, John reached up and collected some of the droozing goo from his mouth and worked a goo-slick into Brice's tailsmile. It tickled and superheated the novice boyfucker. More drooze...more slit slickin'. Afterwhile, John's middle finger slipped through all the spit-lube he'd literally saturated Brice's crease with and tickled around the boy's bunger.Each rut-bangin' butt snapping fuck Brice threw to Kurt, the closer he came to easing his own pucker onto John's waiting, probing finger.At this point Richie was pulling out of sex bbs index Brice's mouth, and as John had earlier, he fed the boy a corner of a slice of pizza. Brice was chewing, swallowing, humpin' and pumpin,' Derek pulled from Kurt's mouth and stood to feed Brice now with his Kurt-spit slopped man dick boys girls fuck bbs of six fat inches. He first did as the others and gave him a taste of his beer, and small bbs cp as the boy looked thankfully into Derek's face, Derek fed his meat over Brice's beer cooled lip and tongue.Brice was nearing flashover now....his cock was firing on all cylinders....he felt like he was plugged into a boy-jollies maker. The tingles fanned out to his every nerve ending. The sweat streaming down his face, matched that running down his back, and dripping from his cute slightly turned up nose. John licked at the sweat as he tongued straight up Brice's spine.Then Brice magic teens bbs murphled something around Derek's now pumping face stuffer, and then there was scream of bbs ukranian cp sorts accompanied by a wild burst of fuck-snap thrusting up into Kurt's bunger.We find that the mumbling was Brice's near-cum excitement alert....the wierd scream was when he pulled back to long-cock those ass lips and got his boy nut as boy love info bbs he impaled himself elwenbbs as well on John's middle finger which was now nurturing the deflowered boy cherry....."Ohhhhhphhccckkk!" Brice gawked as he filled Kurt with another load of teen cream, while getting his own first tail ride....Brice's cock spasms slowed and yet as he calmed, his frenzy renewed. He was humping still. He was driving himself back onto John's fingers! "Ohhhhmmmmm," he warbled as Derek slipped out of the kid's sucking mouth. John's precum was oozing in a steady stream to bbs blonde the floor between his cross-legged squat. Derek and Rich were fascinated as they watched their pizza boy buck and bob, his whole upper body an undulating wave, riding John's finger rail like a bronco bustin' cowboy!Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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